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Terms & Conditions

Food Preparation & Delivery


onboards only FSSAI registered homechefs on the platform. All meals are prepared fresh and homechefs try to ensure minimal use of oil while cooking.

Meal delivery is goverened by homechefs directly.


advices all homechefs to complete meal delivery in nominal time:
Lunch 12:00 PM to 02:30 PM
Dinner 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM.


homechefs take kitchen hygiene at maximum priority and might take a day off every month for Deep Cleaning of the kitchen.

In situations where kitchen is closed, all customers will be informed minimum 6 hours in advance, and meals during the closure will be added to paused meals for the customer. These meals can then be resumed by the customer later.

Meal Delivery might be delayed due to unavoidable circumstances including but not limited to Traffic congestion, tree felling, rains, etc.

In such cases where delivery is delayed, customers are expected to support homechefs and understand the criticality of the situation.

In case meal contents are not as per your order,


will not be liable legally. Such meals should not be consumed and after appropriate inspection by




will assist you to it's capacity and ensure corrective steps are taken.

Following Silent and Contactless delivery at


, delivery person will notify you via email about meal delivery. Cusotmer is requested to collect meals as soon as possible.

If meals delviered are not collected by the customer and are thereby lost,


will not be responsible and no refund would be issued.

Orders and Subscription Plan

All orders need to be placed in advance. These timings are goverened directly by the homechefs. While most homechefs require 4 hours advance orders, some need 12 hour advance orders.

Like new orders, any changes to existing subscription plan are also required in advance. While most homechefs require 4 hours advance orders, some need 12 hour advance orders.




team evaluates every homechef for more than 100 active hours. We spend 10-15 days before onboarding every homechef.

Multiple checks are implemented to ensure highest standards of kitchen hygiene.

Although, we strive hard to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness,


shall bear no leagal liability for food preparation, raw ingredients and delivery.


is a Technology company and only works with homechefs to help them acquire more customers.

Despite our rigorous efforts to implement strict protocols, we don't own the homekitchens and will not be responsible towards any undoings.

Refund Policy

Complete Food preparation steps including acquisition of raw ingredients till delivery of food is wholly owned by homechefs themselves.


reserves the right to cancel any order not falling within our service areas.

If delivery location mentioned is found to be incorrect or outside of selected delivery area,


reserves the right to cancel the order. No refunds will be issued for such orders.

Orders once placed cannot be cancelled. Customers can however, pause the meal plan and resume it anyday before the last order accepted time for that day.

In case of any complaint, please write to us on and mention your Order ID. Our team will get back to you within 6 working hours.


reserves the right to modify any part of this page without prior notification.